Our mission

Nowadays people live a lifestyle that is fast, stressful and even further away from the nature. Our goal is to distribute products that assist to reduce this distance. We think it is important to promote a healthier lifestyle and provide such future vision that encourages people to achieve good life quality.

Encian customers have high level of brand loyalty

Why are Encian health enhancing products are popular?

High content of active substances

Unique composition

Constant and high quality

Sales representation

Our company has a nation-wide reselling network. The products are distributed by the largest wholesale companies, can be found in the largest pharmacy networks, and almost in all bio shops in Hungary. In accordance with the actual trends, we are present in the supply of webshops.
We encourage you to look for and buy Encian products! Besides representing our products, in a subcontractor capacity we provide  marketing and awareness raising services towards gynecologists.

Medical representation

We contact medical doctors on monthly – two monthly basis, and we are regular participants of regional and national professional events.
As a result of our work, numerous products had been introduced. We also managed to significantly increase the market share of several products.
When introducing any of our products, the dissemination of information towards medical doctors always had major importance.

Mr. Imre Kádár CEO

  • 25 years of professional sales experience in
    food industry, healthcare, wellness sector.

  • 10 years of sales experience in
    pharmaceutical marketing.

  • Encian Hungary Ltd.
    7625 Pécs
    Tettye u. 37. Hungary
    +36 72 769 009

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